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All Sold!

Dicecards were available from a kickstarter campaign at the start of 2013 until the last deck sold in May 2015. I have no more decks available. I'm sorry if you didn't manage to discover them before they were all gone.

Thanks again to the thousand people who backed the project on Kickstarter and made it happen, and the thousands of people who bought them from me after that.


I put the project on Kickstarter because I wanted a deck and there was no economical way without a team effort. It was never intended to be a business. So I don't plan to have any more printed.

If you're interested in licensing the idea and designs for your company, please get in touch.

Bonus Free Gift

Every order is eligible to receive a print-and-play PDF of Abstract: a new 81-card creative game deck that I'm working on. It contains a range of skills and abilities for use in role-playing or storytelling games. Simply deal each player a hand of two to five cards, and allow them to be played as wildcards during the game. Each card keeps up the dicecard tradition, by including seven die rolls for quick resolution.

If you've bought dice cards at any point (including through the Kickstarter) and want a set of Abstract cards, send me an email through the contact link.