Meet the Cast

Dicecards feature well over forty different elements (the exact number may be nearer fifty, depending on how tenuous you want to go). Each card has a different random selection of elements. More common elements appear on almost every card, some of the more unusual elements appear on only a dozen or so. If you are using the cards to roll craps, for example (which appears on 36 of the 54 cards), and you draw a card without the craps dice, simply keep drawing until you find one that does. Doing this will not affect the probability of rolling any particular result.

The list on the right contains information most of the elements on the cards. Many of the element descriptions contain rules for games that can be played with just a deck of dicecards. Choose a category to begin exploring!

The Cards

Here is the full artwork for the standard editions of the cards. Click on the image for a much larger proof: you may also need to click again once it loads to view it at full size, as most browsers shrink images down to fit the window.

There are five back designs. The red and blue backs are the main sets. The original, top quality decks were created based on a Kickstarter campaign, and are now sold out. You can purchase print-on-demand versions from DriveThruCards. The green back was only in the PDF file. You can buy the PDF file to print yourself, which includes the red, green and blue backs.

The ivory deck is a special limited edition deck that was only available to high tier Kickstarter backers. And a dark bronze color is used for custom monogrammed decks with custom artwork, again only available via the Kickstarter campaign.