Crown and Anchor

Crown and Anchor is an old gambling game dating from the glory days of the tall ships of the English Navy. The Crown and Anchor die has six sides, showing the four playing card suits: spades, diamonds, clubs and hears, plus a crown and an anchor. In some versions the grown and anchor have a different color, giving three colors with two suits each. In other versions, including ours, the crown is red, and the anchor black.

The Crown and Anchor die is yellow and appears on 18 cards.

How to Play

The game is played between the house and a player. In a group, each person takes it in turns to play, and the person on their left is the house.

Before rolling, the player places a bet on one of the suits of the die. They can do this simply by naming the suit and placing a stake. The player then rolls three crown and anchor dice. The banker pays out even money if the player rolled on of their named suit, double if they rolled two, or triple if they rolled three. If they rolled none of their nominated suit, their stake goes to the house. The house has an edge of about 8% (i.e. after lots of games, the house will earn about 8% of the money bet).

You can play this game as a casino game by labelling a pot or area of the table with each suit. Any player can then bet on the result of any other player's rolls, though the rolling player is usually required to make a bet.

Because this game involves trying to roll the same thing on multiple dice, it is important to re-shuffle the deck before each die is rolled. Otherwise the chances of making a double or triple are substantially reduced.