Slots Die

The slots die is used to recreate the fun of casino slot machines. Each die has six sides with traditional slot-machine fruit symbols on them: An orange, lemon, cherry, plumb, bell and 'BAR'.

The slots die is white, and appears on 24 cards.

How to Play

Each player takes it in turns to spin the slot machine by drawing three cards. Depending on the pattern, the player scores the points given in the table below. The first player to hit 200 points wins. Optionally, each player can be given three 'nudges', or rerolls, to last through the entire game. They can use these whenever they choose, including rerolling all three on one turn, or rerolling a single value three times.

This game can be played solo, by having a fixed game of ten turns, and seeing how big a score can be attained.


Two fruit of the same kind 20 48/216
Two fruit of a kind and a BAR 30 12/216
Two bells and a fruit 30 12/216
Two BARs and a fruit 40 12/216
Three fruit of the same kind 75 4/216
Two bells and a BAR 75 3/216
Two BARs and a bell 90 3/216
Three bells 100 1/216
Three BARs 150 1/216

Frequency values are for rolling the dice, or shuffling the deck after drawing each card. If you deal three cards at a time, the probabilities involving multiple cards of the same value will be much smaller (e.g. three BARs or bells will come up one in 506 times, rather than one in 216).