Pirate Die

This is a unique and very fast push-your-luck dice game exclusive to Dicecards.

How to Play

The aim of the game is to collect the most treasure. To collect treasure you'll need to sail the high seas, avoiding rival pirates, following treasure maps, and finding keys to unlock the treasure chests. Each player takes their turn to collect as much treasure as possible. When every player has taken their turn, the player with the most treasure wins.

The pirate die has six different faces: a treasure chest (your goal), a key (needed to open the chest), a ship (which has no effect), a skull and crossbones (an attack by a rival) and two treasure maps, one showing a single cross, and another showing two.

Players begin by drawing three cards. They may then choose to take one more card at a time, until they are decide to stop. If the player has drawn three skull-and-crossbones, then they lose all their treasure and score zero for the round. It is important, then, to balance greed for going after new treasure, and the risk of losing it all.

When a player finishes their turn, they score two points for every treasure chest they have drawn, plus one bonus point for every corresponding key. So if they draw six chests, but only three keys, they would score 15 points. If they draw three chests, but six keys, they score only nine (the extra three keys don't give a bonus if they have no corresponding chest).

If a player draws a treasure map during their turn, they must follow up this important lead immediately, and draw one or two extra cards, depending on the number of crosses on the map. If, when taking the extra cards for a map, another map is drawn, then it adds even more cards to be drawn.

The cards are shuffled before each player takes their turn, but cards are not replaced in the deck during a player's turn. This means that, the chances of drawing different symbols changes as the turn goes on. If you've got lots of keys but no chests, then you are more likely to get a chest if you continue to draw. There are nine copies of each symbol in the deck, so the maximum score in one turn is nine.