The dreidel is a four sided spinning used in a simple gambling game. It is Jewish in origin and associated with the Hanukkah holiday.

The four sides of the top show the Hebrew letters Nun - נ (standing for nisht or nothing), Gimel - ג (for gants or everything), He - ה (for halb, or half) and Shin - ש (shtel ayn, or put in). On the dreidel on the cards these are labelled with 0, +1, +½ and -1 respectively.

The dreidel appears on 12 cards.

How to Play

Each player takes turns to spin the dreidel by drawing a card. As usual, skip cards with no dreidel on them. A result of Nun (0 / נ) means you do nothing. A result of Shin (-1 / ש), you add a stake to the pot. Stakes are often matchsticks, but the game can be played for money, or you can use the poker chips on the cards without a dreidel. A result of Gimmel (+1 / ג) means you take the whole pot, and a result of He (+½ / ה) means you take half the pot (rounding up).

If each player starts with the same amount of money, the game will continue until one person has won everything, though this can take a considerable amount of time.