Treasure Map

Underneath the dice on each card is an old map of the world. On each card, a different city of the map is marked with a cross hair and a country flag. The cross hair is clearly visible on each card, along with a little bit of surrounding context: the other bits have been arraged so it can be seen.

The cross hair marks the capital city of some country in the world, and the flag gives the associated country. There are 54 capitals marked. You can use this element in role-playing games with modern or post-apocalyptic settings, to randomly decide where a character comes from. Or you can use it as a little game in itself.

A♠Washington DC, USA
K♠Caracas, Venezuela
Q♠Berlin, Germany
J♠Wellington, New Zealand
10♠Seoul, South Korea
9♠Bogota, Colombia
8♠Beijing, China
7♠Baghdad, Iraq
6♠Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5♠Islamabad, Pakistan
4♠Ottawa, Canada
3♠Mexico City, Mexico
2♠Naypyitaw, Myanmar
A♦Manila, Philippines
K♦Brussels, Belgium
Q♦Canberra, Australia
J♦Amsterdam, Netherlands
10♦Tokyo, Japan
9♦Pyongyang, North Korea
8♦Kabul, Afghanistan
7♦Moscow, Russia
6♦Nairobi, Kenya
5♦Madrid, Spain
4♦Jerusalem, Israel
3♦Cairo, Egypt
2♦Colombo, Sri Lanka
A♣Rome, Italy
K♣Copenhagen, Denmark
Q♣London, UK
J♣Bangkok, Thailand
10♣Abuja, Nigeria
9♣Tehran, Iran
8♣Jakarta, Indonesia
7♣Reykjavik, Iceland
6♣Lisbon, Portugal
5♣Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
4♣Khartum, Sudan
3♣Stockholm, Sweden
2♣Harare, Zimbabwe
A♥Hanoi, Vietnam
K♥Buenos Aires, Argentina
Q♥Brasilia, Brazil
J♥Pretoria, South Africa
10♥New Delhi, India
9♥Paris, France
8♥Riga, Latvia
7♥Athens, Greece
6♥Algiers, Algeria
5♥Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
4♥Lima, Peru
3♥Warsaw, Poland
2♥Santiago, Chile
★★Dodoma, Tanzania
★★Istanbul, Turkey

How to Play

The aim of the game is to score the most points by correctly identifying the location of the treasure on each map.

Up to six players are each dealt a hand of eight cards. One further card per player is dealt into a central pile. Each player then takes their turn.

On their turn a player can either play a card, or swap a card. If they play a card, they place it in front of them and guess the city and country marked: they gain one point for each correct element (i.e. 2 points if they get both city and country - the city is always the capital city of its country). If they swap a card, they take the top card from the central pile, then discard any ard from their hand back onto the pile (they can discard the card just picked up). The central pile is then thoroughly shuffled. In this way players can get rid of difficult cards from their hand, but as time goes on the central pile will have a higher risk of having other people's difficult cards in it.

The game ends at the end of the turn when any player plays the final card from their hand. At this point nobody else gets to take a turn, and everyone adds up their score.