Short Straw

Anytime you need to decide who gets to buy the next round of drinks, who gets to make the coffee, who plays first in the game, or who gets to take Great Uncle Bob home, the straws come into their own.

Each card has a different length straw on it, running from bottom to top. Each person draws a random card, and the shortest straw gets to do the unpopular dead (or the longest straw gets whatever advantage is available).

Each straw is a different length, but with 54 on the cards, it can sometimes be a little tricky to figure out which of two straws is the shorter. For that reason, each of the straws has a set of markings on it. Although the straws may be slightly off-vertical, the black bands always run exactly horizontally, and are in the same vertical position on every card, regardless of the angle of the straw. You can use these markings to help tell which straw is the longer.