The target is intended to resolve ranged attacks in a roleplaying game, a wargame or a sports game. On each card the arrow is shown in one of the four colored segments. The fletching of the arrow is shown in the same color, so you can quickly see at a glance which section it is in.

In addition there are two special configurations. One is a double arrow in the gold segment. This represents some kind of critical hit. Another has an arrow with a white fletching lying on its side on the target. The represents a critical miss. In total there are four cards scoring in the gold (two being the double-arrow version), eight in the red, sixteen in the blue, twenty-four in the black and two white arrows on their side.

To use the target, decide what the difficulty of the shot will be, and have the player draw a card. A gold shot will land about 7½%, a red shot 22½%, a blue shot 52%, and a black shot 96%. For very unlikely shots you can limit the result to just the double gold, at just under 4%. If the player misses, the direction of the arrow on the target is evenly distributed on the cards, so you can use this direction to determine where the miss landed.

As a bonus feature, the sides of the target appear in gold, silver and bronze. There is no connection between the color of the sides and where the arrow is located.