Tarot Cards

The cards feature small versions of the twenty-two trump cards of the tarot deck (also known as the Major Arcana). Although these cards are most commonly associated with fortune telling, they are traditional playing cards, which (along with a regular deck of 54 cards) are used in several games. They can also be used for their symbolic functions in storytelling or roleplaying games.

Because the cards are reproduced in rather small format, the names of the cards aren't given. Instead they are given their traditional number. The cards are:

IThe Magician
IIThe High Priestess
IIIThe Empress
IVThe Emperor
VThe Hierophant
VIThe Lovers
VIIThe Chariot
IXThe Hermit
XThe Wheel of Fortune
XIIThe Hanged Man
XVThe Devil
XVIThe Tower
XVIIThe Star
XIXThe Sun
XXIThe World
0The Fool

The art and format of the tarot here was inspired by "The Haunted Doll House Tarot block printed Major Arcana" by J.E.Moores – a beautiful hand made tarot deck which is actually the size depicted on my cards: each being only about an inch in size. You can see Jay's work at JEMTOY.com

This element was added to the system since the cards shown on the cards page were rendered, so doesn't appear on those cards.